Security, Management, and Consultation Services

Piatt Services International, Inc.


Piatt Services International is a Central Texas Corporation, was established in 1997 by experienced Austin Police Department SWAT officers Harold Piatt and Dale Toler.  At the outset PSI provided multiple security services, including security training, VIP services, international operations and event services.  PSI quickly proved itself as the premier crowd management and security provider in the Austin area, by consistently exceeding expectations. 

Bolstered by an experienced and vigilant management team, PSI is committed to providing high-quality personnel who are experienced, service oriented, and can be trusted.

PSI builds a customized security arrangement to meet the specific concerns and needs of the client. Every client has security goals and PSI can efficiently design an effective and realistic security response using all of the advantages of technology and experience. 


Values Statement

“PSI is a service oriented company committed to improving standards across the security industry.  We and our staff are committed to the principles of courtesy, integrity, and excellent service.”